We are an art direction and photography studio, supporting visionary talents and creative brands. Dedicated to strong visual stories, we elaborate your photo campaigns, editorials and any other visual project you have in mind.

Based in Brussels and regularly working in London and Paris, Vaya Sigmas contributes to a variety of publications and campaigns, working for brands, editorials, advertising and press clients. Influenced by cinematic narratives and the arts, Vaya enjoys creating photos with strong subject matters and colour schemes be it a fashion image or a portrait. With changes occurring within the world of communication, she has consequently become skilled in digital strategy, producing content with the focus on storytelling.


What we do

SIGMAS studio specializes in strategic creative direction, photography and content production with an emphasis on storytelling, that drives brand awareness.


Beauty Magazine /UK
Elegant magazine /LA
Style Magazine /UK
Solis Magazine /NYC


Gioia Seghers
Kat Maconie
Iwana Design


GHA Records
High-Co Data

"As a photographer, I have at heart to shape the light and refine the frame to enhance any subject. As an art director, I convey an aesthetic and visual message to the imagery in order to nurture the dialogue between fashion and art."