Vaya Sigmas is a fashion photographer and art director based in Brussels and travelling regularly to London. For the past 2 years she has owned and operated a fashion and portrait studio. She contributes to a variety of photo publications, working for editorial, commercial and advertising clients.



Vaya Sigmas is an emerging photographer and art director based in Brussels and regularly working in London. Her areas of expertise are fashion and portraiture. She contributes to a variety of publications and campaigns, working for editorial, advertising, press and brand clients.

From an early age, she had an eye for aesthetics and, over the years, developed the ability to capture moments and emotions precisely. Influenced by cinematic narratives, beautiful fabrics, the art scene, social trends and the principal of elegance, Vaya enjoys creating images with an iconic approach.

"I started photography in 2009. I’ve always been fascinated by textures, images and storytelling. I love strong subject matters and colour schemes. My aim is to capture both the sensuality and personality of my models, while also giving a real dimension to beautiful pieces of clothing."

Editorial Publications

Beauty Magazine, London, UK
Elegant Magazine, Los Angeles, CA
Style Magazine, London, UK
Solis Magazine, New York, NY


Bellerose, Brussels, BE
Gioia Seghers, Brussels, BE
Iwana Design, Brussels, BE
Beejee Agency, Brussels, BE
GHA Records, Brussels, BE