Are your digital presence, tools and processes optimized and adapted to the age of digital communication and mobile shopping? Would you like to increase your visibility and your online customers?

In this individual digital health workshop, we evaluate together your level of online development, establish your diagnosis, analyze your level of digital influence and discuss priority strategies to generate new prospects and develop your identity as a luxury, fashion or lifestyle brand.


Producing, amplifying, analyzing your digital communication remains a challenge? Do you want to optimize your strategy, simplify content production and increase your brand awareness and sales?

In this individual content strategy workshop, we will discuss best practices for mastering your digital communication. Concrete recommendations adapted to your sector of activity will also be presented, as well as tools to optimize your content production and distribution.


Are you looking for a visual communication expertise to design the universe of your next photo campaign? Do you want to engage the public while maintaining your brand image?

Based on your guidelines, I translate your inspirations into concrete projects, presenting you a style, tone and atmosphere tailored to your needs. I make sure that the suggested concept clearly expresses your message, your visual universe, your aesthetic codes and your brand personality.




Do you lack inspiration to engage with Instagram? Would you like to increase your presence on this network while maintaining your brand image? Does producing this content take up too much of your time?

These Instagram photo packs are designed to assert your universe, focusing on your products, or services, in a setting that reflects your brand personality.


Your photos of new collections, services or any other visual project to build your brand identity, are produced in the respect of your values and the authenticity of your universe, with the greatest consideration for storytelling and the visual impact of your communication.

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